The existance of our company is based on our credit and networking on line that is why below policy is exercised:

1- Your personal information will be safe with us and will never be rent or sold.

2- We need your personal info to process your order and inform you of your project progress.

3-The information we collect includes: client's name, email, mobile or phone,(not credit card number, for best security you will leave our site to a secured page of an online payment service to pay). 

4-These data shall be safe while exchanging email, we employ SSL to encrypt the data, so no body could steal it.

5- Our cookies policy corresponds with GDPR and you have the choice to deny it, yet if you allow it, we can process your orders faster, it is data about your browser, items being ordered, all alphanumeric.

Senior Manager

K W Nowrouzian

You & Softwarestore Co.

To develop our business we need your views, you may read customers ideas for each product and send yours there, also you may give us your general view about our site via clicking the link below:

Software Store Co.

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